Digital Signature Verification

Digital Signature Verification

Capture, manage and use digital signatures

Signature that are captured on paper can be easily forged or copied, and with the advent of forgery technologies, the digital world is less likely to depend on wet signatures anymore.

01 Systems see an opportunity where we can still use signatures, but instead of signing on paper based documents, we sign on digital forms displayed on interactive tablet devices. This solution leads to better accuracy while at the same time does not disrupt or change any of the currently used banking processes and flows.

Every electronic signature captured using these devices has biometric characteristics which our solution will utilize such as speed, pen pressure, the way one signs and many more that make forger or manipulation of signatures extremely difficult.

This solution, when used with SigCap not only allows you to verify signatures based on the verification score, but also takes advantage of all the information that is saved in SigCap to make a transaction verification decision, such as effective/expiry dates of signatory, and account operational mandates.

01 Systems’ Digital Signature Verification solution can help you setup the right infrastructure to capture and utilize electronic signatures for accurate verification and customer authentication of customer’s digital requests whether those happen at a bank branch, on kiosk, or through a mobile app.

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